New Soft Premium Wiper Line

Soft Premium Wiper

We keep expanding our line of Wiper Blades!

The new Soft Premium series was developed based on the new concept in the manufacture of wiper blades.

The main features of our Soft Premium series that are mentioned below are just some of them:

  • Contains adaptors for different types of arms
  • Aerodynamic design that keeps the wiper stable on the windshield at high speeds, avoiding takeoff
  • Greater contact surface to the windshield
  • Greater durability due to its design and construction
  • Endures 1.000.000 cycles (sweep movement)
  • Less noise when sweeping
  • Natural rubber with liquid graphite to preserve its durability
  • Less weight
  • Contains protective rubber sheath, removable when placing the wiper on the vehicle

As well as all our wiper lines, the Soft Premium series is certified by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).

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